'ALL|OFF' - Occupancy Energy Saver
Automatically welcome guests by turning on lights
Automatically turn off lights when guests leave
Reduce energy costs by typically 40%
Easily installed in 30 minutes
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'ALL|OFF' from Light Symphony is an energy saving kit suitable for hotels, hostels, AirB&B and student accommodation. The invisible ‘ALL|OFF’ unit quietly and unobtrusively switches lights and heating/AC off when rooms are un-occupied, and can initiate welcome lighting when guests return. Check out the Introductory Video below:



A free web-app provides a live overview of room occupancy*. Housekeeping no longer need to knock and disturb guests!

*Requires WiFi
Monitor energy savings and occupancy history live from any web enabled device.

How It Works

When the guest arrives a door sensor signals to switch on the lights and HVAC. Once in their room the guest controls the lights and AC normally using the existing switches and thermostat. Unlike most occupancy detectors, the room is now ‘latched’ on so it is not necessary to wave your arms around to periodically re-trigger it.

When a guest leaves, the door sensor will be triggered again and a short timer is started, typically 5-10 minutes. If no motion is detected during this period the room lights and HVAC are switched off.

Whilst un-occupied, the sensors continue to monitor the room’s temperature and if it exceeds uncomfortable limits will re-enable the HVAC.

Take a look at our brochure opposite for more details.

Case Study
Case Study @ Hub by Premier Inn
Detailed energy consumption in all 108 rooms of this London hotel was logged, capturing 1500 night-stays of data. Real-world savings of over 40% were realised.

ALL|OFF system has been used by these brands since 2016

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